New York Education law, Article 19 § 902 requires all schools in NY to have a medical practitioner to act as the medical director of school health services.  In today’s economy we know that schools are facing budget cuts.  WorkFit Medical’s comprehensive school health approach is designed to make the most of your limited budget!  We do everything possible to provide you with the highest quality service with the most cost effective approach.

Services we perform:

  • School Medical Director/Physician Services

  • Annual Pupil and Sports Exams

  • School Bus Driver Exams

  • School Nurse Substitute Staffing

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Physician Oversight for the use of AED’s

  • Pre-Employment Physicals

  • Worker’s Compensation Treatment and Management

  • Assist with employee health and absenteeism issues

  • Much more!

WorkFit Medical offers packages that include whichever services you want!

Bonus Services included when you use WorkFit Medical as your Medical Director:

  • Yearly updated First Aid Protocols for the school nurse

  • Regular e-mail alerts sent to school nurses and administrators with medical-legal updates, educational material, and other helpful information

  • Twenty four hours a day/seven days a week on call providers to answer any school health questions that may come up

  • Intermediary between the District and the student's personal physician(s)

  • Liaison between the District and public health agencies during outbreaks of infection or communicable illnesses

How we can benefit your school district:

  • Over ten years of experience performing school physician services to multiple school districts

  • Expertise in school medical legal guidelines including FERPA regulations, Special Education laws, concussion guidelines, and NYS public health and educations laws

  • One company to handle all your medical needs

  • Convenient scheduling with multiple providers for flexibility

  • Dependable service with a cost effective approach

  • Acclamations received from school administrations, nurses, and clients we serve